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    Special Offer ₹1200 ₹299 only

    Parenting Secrets for
    A Genius Baby

    Brain Development, Anger Management, Personality Development.

    • 2-day Workshop • 07th & 08th Feb
    • 7:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.

    Special Offer ₹1200 ₹299 only

    What will you learn in
    this workshop?

    Personality Development Guide

    • Fun activities to help your baby learn

    • Positive ways to talk and play with your baby

    • Effective ways to teach your baby good habits

    Play Methods for Baby's Brain Development

    • Fun games for your baby's senses

    • Active play to help your baby move

    • Playdates and toys for learning

    Postpartum Care

    • Guides for healing your body and mind

    • Healthy eating and how to breastfeed well

    • The effects of stress on milk production

    Anger Management Guide

    • Learn what makes babies upset

    • Stay calm when your baby is upset

    • Help your baby show what they need

    Special Offer ₹1200 ₹299 only

    Meet Our Instructors

    Dr. Janice Morais

    Parenting Coach
    (Helped 1000+ New Parents)

    Ravi Teja Akondi

    Co-founder, iMumz
    Ayurvedic Researcher

    Pankhuree Shukla

    Head, Post-Natal Yoga
    10+ yrs experience

    Neha S Kumar

    6+ years of experience

    Special Offer ₹1200 ₹299 only

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